Cheese – Such A Nutritious Food

24 June 2011 in General

We love cheese, and the right cheese with the right coffee blends are awesome. Here’s our take on cheese:

Cheese is a nutritious food which can be had (in some form or other) with almost any food you can think of. It is said to have a history which dates back over 6,000 years. The art of cheese making is said to have been discovered, quite by accident, by some ancient Arabian traveler. The story goes that the traveler, in preparation for a long journey across the desert, stored milk in a pouch made from sheep’s gut, which he slung over the hump of one of his camels. After a long hot, bumpy ride, the weary traveler was pleasantly surprised to discover whey to quench his thirst and cheese curds to satisfy his hunger.

The rennet in the lining of the pouch combined with the heat of the sun and the bumping motion from the gait of the camel had caused the milk to separate into curds and whey.

Cheese’s long history is recorded in various places. Egyptian tomb murals of 2000 BC show butter and cheese being made, and the Bible (I and II Samuel) names the food. Later, affluent Roman homes had special “cheese kitchens” and during the Middle Ages, European monks further refined the art of cheese making in the monasteries. Cheese was so much in demand that historical records show that in 1170, King Henry II of England purchased 10,240 pounds of cheddar cheese.

Cheese…an efficient food source that’s easily stored and readily digested. So say CHEESE, and while you’re at it, check out these types of cheese, along with corn beef recipes (corned beef is our favorite meat to eat with cheese).

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Gifts For Coffee Lovers, Specialty Blend Coffee & More

9 March 2011 in Where / What?

If you’re a hardcore coffe lover, you’ll understand that there are basically two types of coffee drinkers – (1) those who simply drink it, and (2) those who treat treat each sip of coffee the way a wine connoisseur tastes wine, picking apart each sip for subtle flavor notes. For some coffee lovers, it’s practically an obsession, and if you had the thought of buying a person like this a pack of coffee, you just might be intimidated.

Fear not however, if you’re looking for gifts for coffee lovers, there’s an excellent online resource called ShopWiki, which has a special section that’s dedicated to hardcore coffee lovers. Whether for their birthday, a holiday gift, or some other special occasion, ShopWiki offers options such as coffee sets and mugs, latte cups & saucers, espresso cups & saucers, not to mention a world of organic and fair trade coffee options.

If you (or someone you love) are interested in Specialty Blend Coffee, ShopWiki offers a host of options including breakfast blend coffees, flavoured gourmet coffee, robust roasted coffees, African coffee, South America Coffee, French Roast, Italian Roast, medium roast and much more. It covers all types of specialty coffee, as well as specialty coffee MUST-HAVEs.

Last but not least, if you’re interested in the dark, mysterious and sometimes sweet world of coffee, check out ShopWiki’s Art of Coffee, which looks closely at dark, medium and light roasts, as well as regional coffees such as coffee from Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. There’s a lot in store for you there, check it out!

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Remodeling? Don’t Forget The Pot Racks

13 May 2010 in General

If you’re remodeling your entire home, or more specifically the kitchen, a key component of your plans has got to be the implementation of pot racks (if you don’t already use them). Pot racks are a great way to improve accessibility to your cooking items, and to save on space. No clue where to get the best pot racks? Try Enclume pot racks.

Dream homes are not usually bought at the time they are desired, but are created over a period of time through remodeling. Remodeling your home or kitchen is a big decision that can be a major dent in your budget – if you are not careful about spending. Homeowners approach remodeling in different ways; some save and remodel the entire house in one go while others start with individual sections – such as the kitchen – then slowly move to others. Whatever method you choose, enclume potracks should be a key component.

The Enclume pot rack can come in a variety of classic designs in timeless old-world or contemporary styles. Be sure to consider the implementation of pot racks when remodeling your kitchen.

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